Encourage Your Child's Curiosity

Explore the benefits of science-focused curriculum

Is your child the next Einstein, Edison or Da Vinci? Every year, skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math become increasingly important. The science-focused curriculum programs at Kid's Korner Drop-In Childcare are designed to prepare young minds for future careers in STEAM fields.

It's never too early to start encouraging curious minds

It's never too early to start encouraging curious minds

Our science-focused curriculum will help children explore the basics of concepts like:

  • Science—which encourages investigation, experimentation and answering questions.
  • Technology—which refers to using tools, from simple crayons and rulers to complex microscopes and more.
  • Engineering—which includes recognizing problems and testing solutions.
  • Arts—which fosters creativity and allows children to illustrate the concepts they learn.
  • Mathematics—which provides a solid foundation in logic, numbers, patterns, shapes and organizational skills.