Being able to interact with other children, either younger or older, helps a child to develop the social skills necessary for future successes.

Kid's Korner has built itself around that idea, and as such we offer three distinct spaces that we like to call our multi-age classrooms. Though these ages are separated into two separate classrooms.

⁃ 12 weeks too 17 months

⁃ 18 months too 3 years

⁃ Kindergarten Readiness Club (Half Day)

⁃ 4 years too 12 years of age

In a mixed-age classroom, older children have the opportunity to become mentors to younger children.

Multi-age classrooms allow children to remain active in the same space with the same teacher for several years.

This ensures that the teacher will:

⁃ Develop a deep bond with each student.

⁃ Understanding of every child's unique needs.

Mentorship learning is beneficial to all age groups as the mentor and the mentee engage in valuable skills by collaborating with one another.